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This community contains adult material and you must be 16 years of age or older in order to be a member. Your age/birthdate must be displayed in your user info to be approved for this community. If this is not there, the mods will not reply to any emails about why your membership has been denied.

This is a multi-fandom slash community. Members are welcome to post any story they wish (if your story contains any het pairing, it cannot be the main pairing. There are other communities for that. As well a warning must be added into the header).

Challenges will be posted from time to time and will take a variety of forms.

Constructive criticism is encouraged in this community. It's certainly not mandatory, but we think that it helps writers improve and that's one of the points of this community.

Okay, we all know a community or two with the mods of DOOM. The list of rules and guidelines that follow may make it look like this is one of those lists. The rules are really here to make sure that this is an enjoyable community for everyone who's here (should I be hugging a tree while I say that?). They will be enforced to keep everything here running smoothly, but the only thing that either of the mods will come down hard on is flaming. Aside from that, we're an easy going pair. Honest.

Rules and Guidelines:

1) All opinions and work must be respected. If you have a difference in opinion, that is perfectly fine, just please voice them in a respectful manner. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but there's a difference between a comment that's constructive and one that's merely derogatory. Respect your fellow list members.

2) Betas are good. It would be greatly appreciated if you would use one. If you don't have one/don't know wher eto find one, post to the community asking for help.

3) Disclaimers are mandatory. No exceptions. All stories posted here must have this disclaimer before the LJ cut. A warning will be left for those that don't have it, and the story will be deleted if it's not added.

All works of fiction contained within this community are just that: fiction. I don't know the band/actors [alter as needed], and what they get up to in their private lives is none of my business. No disrespect, slander or maliciousness is intended and there is absolutely no profit to be had.

4) Warnings. If your fic contains any elements that might bother other people, please be respectful and include a warning in the header.

Basically, this is what we're looking for:

Title: (REQUIRED. Even if it's "Untitled," we need some sort of title here.)
Author: (REQUIRED. Usernames are perfectly fine, but if you want to use your given name, that's okay too.)
Fandom: (REQUIRED. Not everyone likes the same fandoms. Be respectful and put the fandom you're writing in so that others can decide if they want to read.)
Pairing: (REQUIRED. State who is in your fic. If it's a suprise pairing, that's fine, just say so. But try to let us know who this involves if you can.)
Rating: 18+ (REQUIRED. You MUST tell us the rating of the fic, even if it is only rated 12 and under.)
Warnings: (REQUIRED. Even though this is a slash group, try to warn people against adult language or anything that may squick them.)
Disclaimer: (REQUIRED. Try to put something like this in there: ) I do not own any of the members of said band, but am instead merely borrowing their images for this story. No profit was made and no infringement intended. Any and all facts are researched to the best of my ability (links available upon request). However, there is always a possibility of an error.
Summary: (You don't HAVE to do this, but it sure is nice.)
Beta: (Not required, but really very nice. Give credit to those that beta'd for you. Show love.)
Author's Notes: (Your own personal thanks or notes you wish to put here. Keep it short. We don't need to have a novel here too! :D This isn't requred either.)

5) The body of all stories must be behind an LJ cut. (If you don't know how to do this, check the FAQ for help). It affects some people's layouts and will be very much appreciated if people could avoid that! Also, please no changing the font when you post, for the same layout-related reasons.

6) Feedback is very much encouraged, writers work hard on their fics and it's always nice to hear back from readers. Please just remember to keep it respectful. Constructive criticism does not involve any form of personal attack. Honesty is good. Being tactful while doing that is far better. Comments such as 'This sucks' are not constructive criticism, no matter what you may think. ;) If your 'constructive' comments all pertain to personal preferences (such as pairings or a personal aversion to a kink or fetish used in the fic), that doesn't count as constructive. This is not the place to air those issues. Also: We're not asking you to read every story that comes across this community. If it's a pairing/fandom you like, go for it! Just keep in mind, that if you read the story, you should give proper feedback.

If you feel that you've been flamed, don't reply. Show one of the mods, and we'll decide if it needs to be taken care of. Flamers get two chances. After the first instance, said flamers will be given a warning and moderated. If there is another flame posted after that, even if it is not to the same author/thread/fic, you're out of the community. We want everyone to feel comfortable posting their work here.

7) Native Languages. Not everyone here is going to be a native English speaker. However, that will probably be the one language that we all know. You are more than welcome to write stories in your native language and post them, though the chances of it getting read/critiqued are slim. We would suggest having a translated text available as well.

Lastly, don't hesitate to email a mod if you have any problems/questions concerning the community. You can reach them at:

bloody_adorable: bloody_adorable @ yahoo.com
elandae: j_3101 @ yahoo.ca